Website Support & Maintenance

We have developed a range of services to keep your WordPress website running smoothly and make sure support is always available to you. Please build your custom support and maintenance plan using the options below.

If we are hosting your website then we can also maintain it by keeping the software up to date. This includes applying and testing updates to WordPress, your theme, and all installed plugins. This is a vital part of keeping your site secure and ensures everything continues to work correctly together.

It is important to keep the website software up to date because older versions often have security loopholes that can be fixed by updating to the latest version. It's much more cost-effective to regularly maintain a website than to fix it after it has been hacked or something has broken unexpectedly.

Nearly all of our clients contact us regularly to request ongoing support – for example general questions, WordPress training and support, adding or updating content, website troubleshooting or adding new features.

The most cost-effective option is to arrange an ongoing support package of a set number of hours per month. This allows you to benefit from a much lower hourly rate as well as higher priority and quicker response times. We offer a range of options starting at just half an hour per month for £15, going all the way up to 10 hours per month. This of course can be tailored to suit your needs.